The Scales of War

En Route to Fortress Graystone

Following Amyria’s directions, the heroes made their way across the Vale towards the Stonehome mountains, bound for Fortress Graystone. The first day’s travel passed without incident, other than Aydrin and Cormac drowning their respective sorrows in strong drink. Towards the end of the second day, Kash spotted a small grove of trees, and directed the Fire Beetle towards it, hoping to keep behind cover for the night. Too late, Kash and Ghesh realized that the path was blocked by carefully felled trees, which were quickly set on fire. As they skidded to a halt, a group of assassins attacked, blocking the Beetle in with their drake-drawn cart.

The heroes fought back bravely and slew many of their foes, but despite their losses the assassins began to take the other hand… until a pair of crossbow bolts announced the aid of the elf Gilgathorn. This distraction offered the heroes the opportunity they needed to drive back their foes. Gilgathorn informed the heroes that someone had put a bounty of a thousand gold each on their heads, including their former companion Splug, and confessed that he’d followed their would-be assassins to ensure that the heroes survived. Although Kash and Cormac felt his evasiveness was a concern, he seemed sincere in his desire to rescue the heroes. Mending their wounds, the heroes made camp for the night, sharing dinner with Gilgathorn and a pair of travelling elves who happened upon the camp. The other elves stayed overnight, expressing concerns about the gnoll raids, while Gilgathorn took his leave shortly after dinner. At first light, the elves went their own way, while our heroes continued on to Fortress Graystone.



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